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The secret is to quit worrying about anything, focus on fun and appreciation and start believing everything always works out for you.

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What do YOU Want for Your Life?

Do you want more money, better health, a new job, a new friend or lover, more personal freedom or just to be free of anxiety and worries about life and to enjoy each new day? You deserve all of those things and more. You only need to wake up to the fact that you are a being capable of wielding the Creative power of the Universe. You were born with this power but in creating the character you believe yourself to be, you have forgotten so much about your true identity. If you want to take back your power, the ideas in these pages can guide you there. There is a major shift in consciousness going on that will transform much of what we believe about this world. You are at the cutting edge of that shift. You, right now, are where all the real action is.

I have the story of Hale Kealohalani Makua for you. Makua was a modern day Shaman and direct descendent of a long line of Hawaiian Spiritual leaders. The paradigm shift that we are a part of is presented in a very definitive way with an explanation that comes from generations of Hawaiian mystics and cultural leaders. Makua tells us in the book by Hank Wesselman called The Bowl of Light that we are entering the "Sixth Level of Reality" which began in late 2013. We have evolved through levels of pure survival to levels of ever increasing Spiritual awareness. Gradually through thousands of years, we have gained awareness of our true nature as the shapers of our own and Creations' future path.
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Positive Vibrations and intentions will create the world of your dreams.

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The Hardest Part Is Getting Past Now.

Now is all you have to work with. If you could be finished with all of your past and be totally confident in your ability to decide what your future was going to be it would be no problem. The reason getting past now can be so tough is that you invested a lot of time in creating a very elaborate interactive character that goes by the name of (your name here). If you are like most people you find it difficult to accept that you are under no obligation to give anything that has happened up until this moment any importance in determining your future now's. The problem is that you think your past has to matter. It doesn't. Like everything you do right now, it is a choice you are making now.

Here's a good analogy for you. If an athlete practices an event and has a poor practice, does he or she say I'm no good and feel doomed to failure? Not if they are going to be great - tomorrow is a new day and they will improve and get better. The now of a bad practice will not determine their future unless they "chose" to obsess about it and make it an excuse to worry about if they will ever be any good. The point is, whether they get past that less than desired now is totally up to what they decide to think about it. Same with an actor rehearsing for a part in a play - a bad rehearsal should only lead to much improved future performances. With each rehearsal the performer is getting clearer on how the role can be most effectively played.

You are that performer and each day you should be working at improving the character you are playing. You may say that is what you are doing. That is probably true but you are very likely missing one key part of the equation. You are probably carrying around a lot of baggage thinking what has happened in your past now's matters. In "reality" none of the past has any more importance than what you choose to give it. Everything except right NOW is in your imagination and has no reality other than what you choose to give it. It is whatever you have decided to believe it is and nothing more. That gets back to why getting past "now" can be so difficult - most of us place a great deal of importance on what has happened in our past and allow it to define much of what we see as "now".

Getting to the core of this is a much longer discussion but the important thing to try and accept is that nothing in your past can have any power in your now unless you choose to believe it can. Forget your past. There is nothing to regret or feel guilty about. A good athlete spends no time feeling guilty about a missed catch - they just get focused on being ready for the next opportunity to make a great catch. Place no importance on a "mis-take" or bad practice - just get focused on making your now go the way you want it to.

An even bigger realization is that like the actor in a play, it you want to, you can decide to play and entirely new character having very little to do with that part you were playing in those past nows. We often get so invested in the role we have created for ourselves that we take ourselves way to seriously. You may think that everything you do in your life matters. It does but no more than the part an actor plays in a play. It is all supposed to be for fun and adventure - an intricate interactive game. Don't let the world you have invented in your mind limit you in any way. You need to remember that you have no limits on you except what you choose to believe in. You are totally in control of all your now moments. You are fully capable of changing, defining and doing whatever you want with your character. Don't let your past trap you in a now that you are not happy with.

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Unified Field Theory Brings IT all together

John Hagelin: Is Consciousness the Unified Field?

Quantum Physicist John Hagelin has extensively documented the links between pure intelligence and individual consciousness: Progress in theoretical physics during the past decade has led to a progressively more unified understanding of the laws of nature, culminating in the recent discovery of completely unified field theories based on the superstring. These theories identify a single universal, unified field at the basis of all forms and phenomena in the universe.
Don't get stuck in what appears to be reality.

A Vision for Today and Tomorrow: The planet is becoming noticeably more loving and carefree.

Everywhere I go happy and enthusiastic people are eager to learn more about the adventure we all are blessed to be a part of. The most wonderful thing about the adventure I have been involved in is noticing the growth of an overwhelming sense of happiness and hope. There are still pockets of resistance where the light does not shine brightly and fear and distrust still are dominant but those areas are shrinking. Many groups like the PositiVibes Network I started some years ago continue to come together to share visions for ever more wonderful versions of reality. Together we are gradually moving the planet to an ever greater state of wellness as each of its parts increasingly follows a path of less resistance.
Everywhere I go happy and enthusiastic people are eager to learn more about the adventure we all are blessed to be a part of.
That's the point of all the seminars and coaching sessions we are doing with the Designer of Reality programs and guidebooks. This is accomplished by first acquainting people with the fact that they can deliberately shape their personal reality and then helping them acquire the skill to align with the energy vibration of their hopes and dreams. As the reality of individuals line up with where they want to go they draw more positive energy into their lives which then radiates out to the world around them improving conditions for all.
Reality is no more than consistently held beliefs. By designing a more positive and optimistic vision for the future and empowering that vision with belief in its real-ness we can create that future or something even better.
It is the power of BELIEF and KNOWING that defines the nature of REALITY.
We are in control. You will shape the future..
Our Mission and Intention
When you begin to appreciate your true nature you will see how important it is to take charge of how you think and perceive the world. YOU are alive on this planet at this moment in time for a reason - you are more important to the future of the planet than you probably ever imagined. Spreading that awareness is the intent for the PositiVibes Network. We seek to bring an awareness to as many people as possible of their true power to intentionally shape future moments starting right now. Our mission is to help more people realize that they have the power to make all of what they want for the world become reality and that we have the ability to deliberately create an ever more positive, loving, joyful and prosperous world for all.

Our intent is to show you that you are truly in charge of your future reality and that whatever you choose to create has an effect on everyone. We want to provide the inspiration and strategy for you to have more fun and get more of the things you want out of life. The Guidebook will give you ideas that you can immediately use to improve your life situation. This Guidebook has been created along with supporting seminars and training materials to help you become an expert in manifesting whatever reality you desire. As you become a Master of the skills involved, you will be able to have what many might consider a truly magical existence. There will most likely be challenges along the path but you will learn how to be totally happy as you work through any circumstances.
With a few realizations and a bit of practice you can excel as a "Designer of Reality" and help make the world a better place with each passing day. It's not even difficult but it will take a few insights and some practice to get it right. The Guidebook will give you many insights and practices to help you find your path of least resistance to all of the amazing things this life offers.
Some Quick Start Ideas
  • Keep gratitude as your primary emotional focus. The more you can direct your thoughts to appreciation of everything that feels good in your life the more you will amplify the energy of those very things. Try not to spend any time worrying about anything you come across that you don't like. When a fear or anxiety pops into your awareness take your attention off of it by returning to a consciousness of gratitude and appreciation.
  • You may find this difficult but one of the best things you can do is TURN OFF THE NEWS. That's right because the media is totally focused on finding and reporting every unpleasant event it can find with the main result a fanning of the fires of fear, anger and resentment. Knowing about the horrors of the world only energize them. The more you can shield yourself from bad news and tales of horror the peaceful and joyous you life will become.
  • Decide what you would really like your life adventure to be like. What will actually give you the most satisfaction and happiness? That is the scoreboard in the game. Decide what you would really like your life adventure to be like. What will actually give you the most satisfaction and happiness? That is the scoreboard in the game.
  • Your Part: You are a star player in a very complex interactive reality game involved in designing the future of a planet. How does the game work?
  • Since even before you were born your bio-computer brain has been recording and attempting to catalog every input from your senses and every idea and emotion it has been exposed to. This is how your reality gets programmed into you. The natural tendency is to accept the predominant ideas you are surrounded with. The problem is many of those ideas will not take you where you want to go.
  • We invite you to learn how to better utilize your innate power to shape reality and become a powerful force in creating an ever more loving, carefree and joyful future for the planet. The most important skill to learn is how to continuously keep your focus on the wanted as opposed to the unwanted. Focus on what FEELS good. If something makes you feel uncomfortable or anxious you need to recalibrate your thinking as quickly as possible. Positive happy thoughts are the only path to getting what you want.
  • One of the easiest ways to move toward the path of least resistance is a daily meditation practice. 15-20 minutes once or twice a day is all it takes. You can't do it wrong and regular practice will have a cumulative effect. Meditation reduces stress and anxiety and helps balance your nervous system and brain functions. It promotes good health and overall wellbeing. At the start of your day, find a comfortable, quiet spot to sit. Close your eyes and spend 2-3 minutes just paying attention to your breathing - slow deep breaths relaxing your body further with each exhale. Then begin repeating a mantra - Shreem Namah - silently to yourself, just in your mind. Whenever you realize your mind has focused on some other thoughts or sensations, just return to repeating the mantra to yourself. Continue the practice for 15-20 minutes. When the time is up, take a minute or so going back to a focus on your breathing and then slowly open your eyes. Doing this simple exercise regularly will change your life in very positive ways.
  • The real secret is that it's all in your imagination. Whatever you believe the world to be it will become. The Designer of Reality™ program is about learning that you are in control and then training yourself to get better and better at intentionally creating the life you want for yourself.
  • Visit the STORIES Page to read about some of the people designing new and improved realities.
What's Your Opinion?

All times are exciting but we happen to be at a moment in time where things are going to be even more exciting than ever. Humanity is in the process of recognizing a new form of existence. Each day more people awake to this new awareness of the nature of existence. It is very important that you develop your growing skills as a conscious designer of reality and know we are going to help humanity make a quantum leap in well being and creativity. It is ALL about what you choose to believe.

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If you want more, a change of mind is required and it is something you need to learn to do.

Positive Vibrations and intentions will create the world of your dreams.

Get an instant PDF download of the PositiVibes Guidebook: Learning the Art of Intentional Creation.

Now available - Part One of the The Designer of Reality™ Adventure Guide Manual.

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